individually tailored data

What's the current state of play in your customer-focussed business?

How are your staff performing? Are they fully representing your brand's standards and ethos to the satisfaction of your customers (and yourselves)? Do you have any specific issues or needs that require extra focus?

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How it works

Squirrel selection

We aim to send Secret Squirrels who would ordinarily be part of your customer base (unless you tell us otherwise!). All our Squirrels are vetted and humanely tested, most come to us by word of mouth and we give them constant feedback to ensure top quality reporting.

The brief

Together we construct a brief. This outlines the basic requirements for a Secret Squirrel mission; when to visit, what to order, ask for, look for, spend etc etc. Some company ethos is included to manage Squirrel expectations.

The questionnaire

We’ll next draw up the questionnaire. Generally, these follow the chronology of a visit, e.g.; the welcome, service, man event, farewell and overall. Ratings and quantitative data help generate a score, which enables target setting. Pictures and qualitative feedback complete the snapshot.


We’ll road test brief and questionnaire for a trial visit (or two). We waive the service fee for the trial period and use the results and extra Squirrel feedback to produce the working questionnaire.


Squirrels are selected for visits and then fully briefed. They complete their missions at agreed time slots. They then have 24 hours to complete the feedback so we can publish that to you normally within 48 hours. Squirrels must remain alert if any additional feedback or info is required.


You can choose for everyone to see everything or for management to preview results before publishing on to specific managers or locations. Challenges can be accepted or further info sought.

Motivation and targets

Set a Secret Squirrel report target to motivate and incentivise your teams. Many of our customers also link this to a staff bonus scheme. Highlight and reward a star performer or use the feedback to bring others up to scratch.


Once sufficient results are accumulated, the reports dashboard can be analysed. We can also send a period overview report. All data is also downloadable.


Get in touch with Richard to discuss your needs, how we can help and to arrange a trial. Our overheads are low which keeps our prices very competitive!